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6 Degrees of Anders Breivik

Occasionally I like to indulge my immature side and post something a bit more light hearted than usual, but as ever, there’s always a message.

1. Anders Breivik

Far right extremist, anti-Muslim terrorist, perpetrator of 77 murders in Oslo & Utoya. EDL supporter.

2. Daryl Hobson

EDL organiser & logo designer, Facebook friend of Breivik & recipient of his infamous manifesto.

3. Stephen Lennon

EDL leader & founder, despite denying knowledge of Hobson they have been photographed together.

Daryl Hobson & Tommy Robinson/Stephen Lennon

4. Robert Spencer

Robert Spencer

Namechecked 64 times in Breivik’s manifesto, eminent Islamophobe, co-founder of SIOA and EDL endorser.

5. Douglas Murray

Douglas Murray

Heads conservative think tank Centre for Social Cohesion, has liaised with Spencer on ‘counter terrorism’ issues, EDL sympathiser, influential in formulating David Cameron’s Prevent strategy addressing Islamic extremism.

6. David Cameron

Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, denouncer of multiculturalism, Muslim scapegoater.

Despite this being a slightly mischievous post, it’s not entirely frivolous. The issue that has caused these people’s paths to cross socially or professionally is Islam. The thought that the work of Robert Spencer could influence both the acts of a terrorist and government policy on dealing with the Muslim community is worrying to say the least, and is yet another reason to put these hatemongers under the microscope and blow their industry wide open.

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One thought on “6 Degrees of Anders Breivik

  1. I seen “Isalmaphobia” and I’ve listened to Cliff Kincade a journalist and a news critic and he was a guest on Frances &Friends and because of the issues that you have are the same to some of our issues we are having here in America. To win by having concrete evidence to support your argument and to rally without violence your sure bet would be to look to the scriptures in the bible and hopefully one with commentary and defiantly a person who knows and preaches Jesus Christ and Christ Crucified ( the cross ) not what is being seen now the feel good we don’t preach a out sin and don’t follow the the word, they leave and or make up that’s why if you notice there a wake-up call this is the second issue that going to lead us into a Global Order and what your witnessing is prophecy friend. Re-group your thought on the power and right for which you stand and from a biblical (King James version)presentation, I would think, NO- I know you would be able to send out more and be politically correct while saying it. Many from the UK when they call in to Frances&Friends Talk (Jimmy Swaggarts’ wife) a Christian principals and very informative about all these issues throughout all countries. But citizens there have mentioned that your preachers have that problem in preaching the correct way and that it leads back to what the o stall problem is governments are changing an in the process there slowly feeding us this and before you know it you will not have aright, someone else’s constitution. Good luck and remember until every Jewish person comes to acknowledging Christ Jesus as God Himself King of Kings & Lord of Lords that he will not come. In this moment of silence I give to your soldiers that have died in your country fighting for your Christian Rights and for you & the next generations Freedoms’.

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